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Bears sticker set gray

Bears sticker set gray
Bears sticker set gray
Sweet Lemonade

Bears sticker set gray

Set of large wall stickers depicting two grey bears.


40,00 £

Set of large wall stickers depicting two grey bears.

Big stickers with grey bear and little bear love their company, sweet honey and all children. They were created to develop imagination of the little ones and change children's rooms into unusual, fairy-tale lands, full of forest stories.
On the sheet, in addition to the bear stickers, you will also find a tree trunk, a mushroom, a honey pot, bees and a bird.

The “easy dot” stickers are printed on a special film with a speckled adhesive, thanks to which they can be repositioned over and over again - without worrying about damaging the surface or the sticker itself. Also, forget about bubbles while you're placing it!

The template measures 130x100 and is protected with a shipping film so you can easily transfer the stickers to your wall. The shapes are cut on the outline, so you only need to cut out the area you are interested in, peel off the white sheet (so that the stickers remain on the transport film), then stick the stickers to the wall and peel off the transport film.

Worth knowing:
- our stickers are made of the best quality materials and in the easy dot technology, which allows you to paste them,
- each item is cut along the contour, which makes application easier,
- to each sticker there is a sticking instruction with photos, thanks to which gluing is easy and pleasant,
- large stickers have a transport foil which makes it easier to move them on the wall,
- the parcel with the sticker is protected in a thick cardboard tube,
- Yellow Tipi stickers are a Polish product. / we are a direct sticker manufacturer.

Product details

  • Weight: 1.00kg